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Twitter is a unusuall and interesting thing! Only 140 characters, and we need to fit all our idea in it. I think twitter well developing our sense of brevity and teaches writing concisely. Very handy thing, because you read only headlines, and then, if the news will interest, you can dig more deeply about this news on other web sites.
I think today, Twitter is an essential software for journalists! News from the scene often caught in the air just out of twetter.
Thanks for the NET course that opened for me Twitter


First contact….

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With the Internet I met at the age of 15. At that time i was fond of all sorts of science fiction about aliens.  One day my father took me to his work, in order not to thwart him from work, he put me in front of computer. He showed me how to use Google and said and what I can find here everything that I want. I immediately typed UFO. Then, I got a bunch of pictures, videos and articles about UFOs. I can’t remember how much time i spent that day in front of monitor, but i could honestly say, that next day in school in class i knew about UFO more than someone!
That was my first experience of using the global network! )

M@trix… check this out!!!

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During my internship course I worked in InterNews Kazakhstan, in project “M@trix”.

M@trix — first project in Central Asia on Internet and everything related to worldwide network. This television magazine consists of permanent rubrics — news, gadgets, technical reviews, success stories of young Internet users of our countries and detailed information about news Internet projects in Central Asia and all over the world. In addition to the TV project our website closely describes contents of TV program as well as information not included in TV version. Also web-portal contains video reportage from the TV program — for those who didn’t have a chance to watch it on TV.
So, if you want to know something interesting and new about internet, go and check this out!
There are a lot of interesting stuff for you guys!`

Hello everyone!

Internet… What it is for us now?

I mean, for those, who hardly remember time without Global network??

Way of communication, a huge source of different information, entertainment, ability to earn money, and so on and so on..

And now, I’m asking those, who, want something more from internet.

Now days, more and more people in internet trying them selves as a journalist! Just because blogging gives you opportunity to create your own mass media! With your own content and audience!

It is time to forget thinking, that in blog people are writing only about their life, how they spent  their holidays, fall in love, someone broke her hurt….  Honestly, I’m too tired, of all this bull shit.

What I talking about, is feature posts! To write about something interesting concerning our country. Try your self as a journalist, find interesting theme while you in a bus, or in cafe or bazar!  You see something interesting, like someone helped babushka walk across the road, and here it is! Topic about our young citizens. In blogging you could be a chief editor and a reporter in one…
So, try yourself as a journalist, and be an interesting blogger!

Hello world!

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Well this is my first post, and I absolutely dont know what should i write!

New information technologies class, hope it will not be boring and I’ll get A for it…